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Your Three Day Guide to a Flourishing Solopreneurship

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If you’re thinking about starting your own independent venture, you’re not alone. In fact, statistics indicate that the number of people starting their own businesses as solopreneurs, freelancers or consultants is on the rise. And while you might be going solo in the grand scheme of things, there are plenty of great resources and services out there to help maximize your potential. 


Read on to learn how to sow the seeds of success.


Do Groundwork on Day One


Just like a farmer must prepare the soil for the eventual successful harvest, you have a handful of elemental tasks to manage on your first day. 

  • What is your idea for your business? Test your concept to minimize risk.

  • Maybe you just know you want to run a business but don’t have an idea yet. That’s okay! Tap into current trends for something that sparks your interest and meshes with your abilities.  

  • Choose a name for your business, taking care to avoid common mistakes new solopreneurs often make. 

  • Weigh the advantages of different business structures to determine what suits you best. As an example, if you want personal asset protection, a California LLC is a more sensible option than a sole proprietorship.

  • To help you form realistic goals, a practical budget and to determine your milestones, write a formal business plan.


Start Sprouting on Day Two


With a little enrichment, you can take what you built on day one and land your first customer on day two. 

  • Your local chamber of commerce is a cornucopia of opportunities. From educational events to information on area happenings to networking opportunities and more, be sure to join so you can take advantage of all the organization offers. 

  • A presence on the web is a must nowadays. Secure a domain name that fits with your business name and create a website for your new venture. 

  • The people closest to you are likely to be interested in supporting you right off the bat. Connect with friends and family to see who might like to become your first customer.

  • Social media is another great outreach arena for your first sale, and should be part of your plans for future growth — reach out to your personal connections there. 


Propagate on Day Three


As day three dawns, it’s time to start nurturing a foundation for serious growth. 

  • Social media is a low-cost and often free marketing tool ripe with possibilities, so learn how to really use it to your advantage.

  • Create a customized invoice for your sales. 

  • Look into tools that will help with your day-to-day productivity.

  • Building and enriching your community connections can be an important and fruitful part of growing your business. 


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