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1. Be an MVP! Sponsor new member businesses

MVP Grant for New SCCC Chamber Membership. Benefits Include: Recognition in Chamber newsletter for six editions. A poster for your place of business. Social media post. Participate in review panel for MVP grants. (optional) Recognized when each business grant is dispersed. Recognition in monthly e-blast. Please contact Chamber if you need to be invoiced.

2. Support a fellow business! Sponsor membership renewals

There is lots of work to do and we need your help. Please consider supporting the work of the Chamber and a local business. Your contribution will help us to continue our important work on behalf of the local economy. Many businesses and nonprofits are unable to renew their annual Chamber membership or join the Chamber at this time due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please consider sponsoring their annual Chamber dues. You can let us know who you would like to support—or we can surprise a local business or nonprofit with your generous gift. Membership dues start at $229 for an annual membership. As a membership sponsor, you will be celebrated on our social media channels, in our newsletter, and in our weekly email communications.