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9 Greatest Holiday Marketing Ideas For Your South County Business

The holidays are a special time of year when family, friends, and loved ones come together to celebrate. With so many different businesses vying for attention during the holidays, it can be difficult to know where to start. South County Chambers of Commerce member Adobe has compiled the nine greatest holiday marketing ideas to help boost your business this season!

1. Post Interactive Content

People love getting involved in the holiday spirit, so give them something to do. Host a virtual gingerbread house decorating contest or hold a poll on social media to find out people's favorite holiday traditions. Not only will this get people engaged with your brand, but it will also get them talking about you to their friends and family.

2. Hold Giveaways or Contests

Everyone loves free stuff, so use that to your advantage. Run a contest on social media where people can share your posts for a chance to win a gift basket full of your products. Or, offer a discount code to everyone who purchases from your store after Thanksgiving. People will be more likely to buy from you if they know they're getting a good deal.

3. Create a PDF Gift Guide

Make shopping easy for your customers by putting together a PDF gift guide full of ideas for everyone on their list. It’s easy to write one up in Word, and then you can convert it to a PDF. How? One method is to use a PDF converter. Be sure to include items at different price points so that there's something for everyone. You could even highlight some of your best-selling items to give shoppers some inspiration.

4. Choose Festive Packaging

Make your products look even more appealing by packaging them in colorful wrapping paper or using holiday-themed labels. This will make them more likely to catch someone's eye when they're out shopping. And, if you want to go the extra mile, include a handwritten note in each package letting the recipient know how much you appreciate their business.

5. Engage With Customers on Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers and create relationships with them. During the holidays, be sure to post regularly and share festive content that gets people into the holiday spirit. You could even run some social media ads featuring special deals and discounts on your products.

6. Host a Special Event

Invite your customers to your store for an evening of holiday cheer. Serve up some hot cocoa and cookies while they shop and offer exclusive discounts on purchases made that night. This is also a great opportunity to introduce new products or promote seasonal items that might be perfect gifts for friends and family members.

7. Support a Favorite Local Charity

Giving back is always in style, so consider partnering with a local charity this holiday season as part of your holiday marketing strategy. You could host a donation drive in your store or donate a portion of proceeds from sales made during certain days or weeks. This is a great way to show customers that you care about more than just making money; you're also invested in making a difference in your community.  Plus, it's always good PR.

8. Reward Loyal Customers

This time of year, it's especially important to show appreciation for the customers who have been supporting your business all year long. Send out holiday cards, offer exclusive discounts, or throw a party just for them. They'll feel appreciated, and they'll be more likely to continue doing business with you in the future. 

9. Partner With Other Businesses

Small businesses need all the help they can get during the holidays, so team up with other local businesses to cross-promote each other's products or services. You could put together joint marketing materials or host events together. This is also a great opportunity to build relationships with other small business owners in your area.


With these tips in mind, you're sure to have a successful holiday season. Just remember to focus on quality over quantity, engaging content, and giving back to those who support you throughout the year. If you do that, you'll be sure to spread cheer not just during the holidays, but all year round!


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