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Klondike Pizza

Klondike Pizza

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About Us

~ Award Winning Pizza served in a cozy, Alaskan atmosphere.
~ Video Games
~ Toss Your Peanut Shells on the Floor
~ Beer and Wine
~ Alaskan Reindeer Sausage shipped from Indian Valley, AK.

In 1988, the Dennis family - Mike, Pam, and their two young sons, Casey and Spencer - moved from Alaska to Arroyo Grande to open the first Klondike. Back then, the owners each worked 90+ hours a week to get the business on its feet.

These days, Mike oversees the operations, and Pam works in her "she-shed" backyard office, taking care of the graphics, advertising, manuals, social media, etc. She also writes “The Murder Blog Mysteries.” The series is available on Amazon in print, ebook, and Audible.

Tami Kruse, the General Manager for both locations, has an extensive restaurant background and really knows how to “pump the fun!” She has been an incredible and fun addition to the business.

Kristin Davison is the brilliant and diligent office manager for the corporation.

The Santa Maria Manager, Patty Forsher, has been with the Klondike Family for over two decades! She always ensures the patrons have “Good Times and Good Grub.” Before Patty took the helm, Irvin and June Kiger were the managers for many years.

Patty’s husband, Christopher Thompson, recently joined the team and is the Arroyo Grande manager.

Mike and Pam think the Klondike crews and customers are lucky to have these amazing, caring folks watching over them!

Video Media



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Mike and Pam Dennis - Klondike Owners and founders.
Our first Christmas - 1988
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Tami (General Manager), Pam (Co-Owner), and Patty (Santa Maria Manager)
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