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Chic Interiors


Interior Decorating/Design

About Us

Chic Interiors '' For the Stylish Home''. We have all you need to create the aura and ambiance your heart desires for your home or office. From Expert Interior Design to all the furnishings you need to take your living space from ordinary to exquisite.

Color Space Planning
Window Treatments
Floor Coverings
Home Accessories

Gredsa Chavarria of Chic Interiors, is a experienced interior designer located in Arroyo Grande, Ca. Gredsa has been designing residential and commercial interiors thought the entire Central Coast, with unique sophistication and elegance for over 17 years. Gredsa infuses each project with accents of her own impeccable tastes, as well as using your ideal vision for each project. Most importantly, Gredsa listens and imparts her inimitable style while diligently respecting and even helping to deduce and shape her clients tastes and lifestyle needs and the stylistic demands of the architectural space.


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