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Knowing You Matter Seeks Executive Director and Fundraising/Events Manager

Posted: 01/09/2022

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif., Jan. 11, 2022 – Knowing You Matter, a local non-profit that raises awareness about suicide and promotes emotional health and wellness in our community, is expanding its operations. The company is seeking applicants for two new roles, Executive Director and Fundraising and Events Manager.

The Executive Director is a new position that will share the passion of the Knowing You Matter Founders to move the company’s vision forward. This entrepreneurial leader will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for Knowing You Matter staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission.?This individual will lead the development of core programs, operations, and business plans.

The Fundraising and Events Manager will spearhead fundraising efforts as Knowing You Matter continues to grow. The groundwork has been laid for the company’s three main events; the individual in this role will bring fresh ideas and approaches to take these events to the next level and expand the Knowing You Matter donor base.

For job descriptions and to apply online visit (Executive Director, Fundraising and Events Manager). If you have questions about either of these roles, or Knowing You Matter please email
About Knowing You Matter
Knowing You Matter exists to let people know that they matter by raising suicide awareness and promoting emotional health and wellness to our community and beyond. It is our vision to utilize multiple levels of outreach to offer healing, build a community of connectivity and support, and bring hope to the one considering suicide, the one who’s survived an attempt and to those affected by the loss of a loved one by suicide. Visit us at

Media Contact:
Karen Gordon, Communications Director